Chaseontwowheels Top 3 Favorite Merchandise Picks

Youtuber Chaseontwowheels

Chaseontwowheels (aka C2W) is a YouTuber focused on motorcycle content that ranges from Vlogs, motorcycle reviews, and gear reviews. He is a big believer in having a positive outlook on situations, events, and life in general. Chase is an advocate for the Ride Apparel Co. brand and the positive image we are trying to promote.

Chase wanted to share his top 3 favorite pieces of merch from our store:


 #1 Positivity Over Everything Hoodie

"This is seriously my favorite hoodie. It's stupid soft and has a message that I can get on board with." -C2W

#2 The Original Snapback

"I've always been a fan of a good snapback. This thing is comfy and the huge logo looks awesome on it" - C2W

#3 The Flagship Tee

“Don’t get me wrong – the shirt is comfy, but there’s just something about the metallic gold on the shirt that makes it different. Love it.” – C2W

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